5 Best Wireless Dog Fence Products Perfect for Your Pet!

How do electric dog fences work?

Electric dog fences keep the dogs on a leash by using a pet-collar which beeps when the dog tries to flee, also, a mild electric shock is applied. Keeping a stubborn dog inside the yard can be troublesome sometimes. Traditional leashes and high fences are used to keep it inside a certain perimeter, but most of the times dogs learn to jump over the barriers and when held on a leash drive the owner mad by barking. There is a more effective method of preventing your dog from fleeing your yard and you running after it. That is an electric dog fence.

Electric dog fence mainly comes in two parts:
1. A radio signal emitting cable
2. A computerized pet-collar

For the electric dog fence to work, a wire is laid around the perimeter through which digital radio signals travel. A radio signal field is created around your property that represents your pet’s protective boundary. A control panel regulates this field. Now after the cable around your yard is installed, there is a digital pet-collar for your dog to wear. It picks up the radio signal whenever the dog tries to cross the electric fence, and a mild shock is applied to the pet which restrains him from staying outside side the perimeter.

A caring owner wants to keep pets away from dangers presented by urban environments. A wandering animal may get hurt or scare neighbors creating a whole lot of problems for its caretakers. Traditional wired or wooden fences have their limits when it comes to preventing a pet from escaping. A pet can easily jump over a fence or dig under it. Sounds reasonable? Luckily, there is a way out – electric dog fences. If you have absolutely no idea or a pretty vague idea of what a wireless fence is, jump right to the FAQ section to find the answers. If you just feel overwhelmed by great variety of wireless dog fences available in the market, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviews dozens of electric dog fences to help you make the right choice. So, go ahead and consider our top picks.

Best Overall: SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System

Best Overall
SportDOG In-Ground Fence System
SportDOG In-Ground Fence System
Easy to Use Portable Invisible Fence System with Adjustable Settings
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This is a great equipment set that helps owners to contain their dogs training them if necessary. The full package includes a wall-mountable transmitter, a receiver, 1000ft wire, and flags. The installation process is very simple. No digging or constructing on the perimeter is required. This set is a movable portable solution that helps to create an invisible dog fence very easily.

A great feature of this system from SportDOG is its flexibility. The transmitter allows you to carefully adjust settings ensuring that your four-legged buddy is not punished too hard for overstepping its boundaries. The portability means that you can easily take this system to a training locale.

Why Is It Best? This is an affordable budget solution has all necessary features high-end wireless dog fences should have meaning that you will spend less to receive the maximum.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a 1000ft wire and 100 flags;
  • Can be upgraded with add-ons from the manufacturer (surge protectors, additional collars, etc.);
  • Equipped with an alarm that will warn about a broken wire;
  • A reliable transmitter protected from external conditions.

Runner Up: PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems

Runner Up
PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems
PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System
Spacious Portable Wireless Containment Sytem For Large And Medium Breeds
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PetSafe offers a high-end solution for a sizeable chunk of cash so that some owners won’t be able to afford this equipment set. This is an extreme dog fence that allows you to establish a spacious containment covering up to half of an acre. The installation process is surprisingly simple while the whole system is fully portable. You may take it with you to a camping site or when visiting your friends or family.

Our runner-up choice showcases 5 correction levels. You may adjust settings in order to improve the training efficiency. Manufacturers claim that you will be able to train your furry companion in 2 weeks. A receiver can be adjusted to make it less uncomfortable for your pet. Collars are optimized for large and medium dogs.

Why Is It Good? PetSafe manufactures market best solutions and make sure that customers enjoy a premium quality product. Their wireless dog fences are highly appraised as they are easy-to-use, effective, and give owners means to protect their pets. The price is quite high.

Key Features:

  • Covers up to ½ acres — more than most dog fences do;
  • An invisible boundary with 90 feet radius;
  • Adjustable receivers built in waterproof collars;
  • Great for camping and using outdoors in general.

Best Budget Choice: PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats

Best Budget Choice
PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats
PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats
Affordable Containment Solution of Great Quality
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The price tag on this set is quite appealing for most pet owners. You receive a solid solution that will work for both dogs and cats. A standard gear set allows you to set up a circumference that spans across a third of an acre. Very light collars won’t create any discomfort for your pet.

This product from PetSafe is certainly not amongst exquisite solutions, but it does the job perfectly despite its democratic price. Most parameters may be adjusted if needed. Collars are made of an ergonomic waterproof material protecting all electric elements from surges and spikes. This affordable invisible dog fence has so many great features that you may not see a distinct difference between PetSafe’s Basic Fence and premium wireless dog fences.

Is It Good? Without compromising the quality as well as number of features, this product comes at a very low price and will satisfy the vast majority of pet owners. While some product features may seem lackluster compared to top products, the reality is that this simplistic invisible dog fence is a great deal considering its price.

Key Features:

  • Can be customized and significantly improved with additional flags or wires;
  • A comfortable lightweight collar allows pets to feel free;
  • Separate keep-out zones set up near pools, playgrounds, gardens, fragile items, etc.;
  • Surge/spike protection.

Best Perimeter Fence: PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

Best Perimeter Fence
PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence
PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence
Protect Up to 5 Dogs with This Portable and Compact Wireless Fence System
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If you need to quickly establish a circumference and create a boundary on a camping site or in the backyard belonging to your relatives when you come to visit, buying a portable solution is a good idea. A great example is Stay + Play wireless dog fence that covers nearly 4 thousand square meters and can be set up in less than several minutes.

A standard wireless dog fence has a transmitter that is commonly mounted on walls. This is a great thing for a stationary invisible dog fence. If you travel often, purchasing a fully mobile system is obviously preferable. PetSafe designed a compact convenient product with a transmitter that can be established anywhere without any problems. All individual devices are rechargeable while most parts are absolutely waterproof allowing you to take it on a camping trip even if weather forecast promises precipitations.

Excellence all around? A truly mobile electric fence for dogs is an incredibly flexible and convenient solution for people who travel a lot and do not like to leave pets home alone. This is a pricy solution, but it has some undeniable advantages.

Key Features:

  • Use up to 5 rechargeable collars within a single system;
  • The setup takes roughly an hour;
  • 5 correction levels as well a special sound-only mode;
  • The optimal transmitters’ radius is about 105 feet.

Best Hybrid Dog Fence: Sit Boo-Boo Advanced Hidden Fence

Best Hybrid Dog Fence
Sit Boo-Boo Advanced Hidden Fence
Sit Boo-Boo Advanced Hidden Fence
A Great Reliable Containment Solution for Training Your Pup
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This advanced set is a perfect solution for training due to a variety of correction options that help in creating a balanced dog containment system on any terrain. The set is waterproof and comes with 150 meters of copper wire and a powerful transmitter capable of covering a perimeter equal to 20 acres.

This dog containment system has all important functions such as multiple correction options (beeping, vibration, static) and protection from environmental conditions. Sadly, a hybrid dog containment system is not easily portable. It usually takes some time to install, but results won’t disappoint you. The collar can be submerged in water or mud while not losing its functionality.

Is It Really Good? This product comes at a reasonable price and features multiple correction levels. The Sit Hidden Fence works wonderfully as an immobile dog containment system and can be used during rain, snow, freezing cold, etc.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited number of collars controlled with a single powerful transmitter;
  • Waterproof collars with robust receivers never break after being submerged in water puddles;
  • All parts are constructed using industrial grade materials;
  • Numerous correction levels including tone-only, vibration, and static.

Who Should Buy a Wireless Dog Fence

Dog Roaming Freely with Wireless Dog Fence An electric dog fence is an affordable and resultative solution. A typical dog containment system relies on physical obstacles that can be easily broken or dealt with. Pet owners usually know their dogs’ talents when it comes to escaping. A big enough dog can simply jump over a very high fence.

An electric dog fence generally has a reasonable price. Simultaneously, an effective electric dog containment system is portable and can be installed within hours and even minutes depending on the environment and your experience with a specific system.

Another significant aspect to consider is flexibility. A contemporary electric dog fence will not interfere with the exterior of your backyard while providing an unmatched level of control over your pet and preventing it from running chaotically around the neighborhood. In most cases, you will be able to set up a perimeter of any given shape.

Dogs freely roam inside an electric dog fence boundary. They will be trained to never leave the perimeter, but their movement inside the defined territory will not be hindered. Pets also quickly learn their new habitat and avoid correction signals. Moreover, less excavation in your garden!

Important Features to Consider

Wireless Dog Fence FlagsHere are several aspects that a responsible pet owner has to take into consideration when selecting an invisible dog fence:

  • Mobility. Good modern wireless dog fences are not stationary like their outdated wooden and steel counterparts. A good idea is to choose products that can be installed fast and transported to any location if needed. RV camping, visiting your friends or relatives living far away or trivial outdoor training will be much easier if you contain your pet.
  • Robustness. The construction of collars and transmitters must be robust. Collars are generally made of waterproof materials, but some cheaper models can be damaged by liquid or mud. A damaged shocker is dangerous for your pet. Our beloved four-legged creatures love running around and roll in puddles meaning that you need a sturdy accessory.
  • Price
  • Most superior products have good prices. Do not overpay for features that may not be usable anyway.
  • Coverage. A perimeter size of a wireless fence differs from one product to another. Pick the right size of the coverage in order to get exactly what you require. Avoid overpaying for extra wires and add-ons that will be mostly useless.
  • Correction levels. Best wireless dog fence products come with collars that use different levels of electric shocks to provide dog containment. A low-end wireless fence has only one correction level. In some cases, you will be able to gradually reduce the shock intensity and substitute it for sound-only warning that will be sufficient for a trained dog.
  • Hybrid or wireless? Hybrid setups may be slightly cheaper but a little bit more labor intensive. Buried wires for invisible fences do not affect the landscape drastically, but still force buyers to spend some time digging and installing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wireless dog fence?
Most pet owners heard a catchy term “invisible fence for dogs” often employed to describe systems with radio collars. These collars use mild electric charges to prevent a dog from leaving a specific territory. There is no need in setting up wired or other forms of obstacles. Only a transmitter, flags for visual reference, and radio collars. Such setups are frequently employed to train dogs. Collars feature different correction levels and after a training period physical punishment can be substituted with tonal alarms.
Is there a difference between a hybrid and wireless dog fence?
A wireless system has a transmitter that defines the general territory inside of which an animal can freely roam. Leaving this perimeter will punish a pet with a charge. A hybrid system employs buried wires that allow you to create a circumference shaped however you feel appropriate. If your pet steps over a wire, it will be punished with a shock or warned with a tonal signal.
Does a wireless fence work?
The effectiveness of any given containment fence depends on various factors including the architecture of your household (some signals do not go through metal beams and other forms interference) and the landscape. When used as intended, a typical electric dog fence is very efficient for pet training and containment. Experts advise against outdated methods of containment advocating for progressive technological wireless dog fences.
Can a wireless dog fence hurt my beloved furry friend?
Most specialists do not recommend punishment in training. Nonetheless, most experienced trainers advocate for wireless dog fences. The pain is very mild and applied only during initial stages of training. Later on, electric shocks are removed from the equation and dogs start reacting to tone only. Purchase a safe wireless fence only after reading reviews and choosing a system with adjustable correction levels. Our sensitive pets deserve better.


  1. My wife and I don’t have a physical fence built for our yard so we have been considering getting a wireless dog fence soon. I like your point about how, with this system, you can practically go anywhere. We’ll definitely look into doing this so we can keep him close at all times without having to worry about him running away.

  2. I don’t have a dog; however, my neighbor does. I’m very grateful for those who invented these things, cause his dog is huge!

  3. A wireless dog fence is a real thing, especially, if you have a very active dog. I purchased a GPS dog fence almost a year ago, and our life became much more comfortable for sure.

  4. Nice review! I have a Stay + Play. I live in an area where families with kids mostly live so, and it was a must for me. However, my dog got used to the novelty quickly.

  5. How does a wireless dog fence work?))

    • Dear User,
      With the help of wire, you define the perimeter – protective boundary, and the digital radio signals go through this wire. There is a control panel to regulate this area. A pet-collar is put on a dog so that the control panel can receive the signal and react when the dog approaches the fence. If the dog tries to cross the boundary, a low-level shock is being applied to a pet.

  6. We have two dogs at home. Those who created a wireless fence are genius. We don’t have to keep an eye on the dogs all the time, and they are always safe.

  7. My wife and I travel a lot. Our dog accompanies us all the time.
    I purchased SportDOG as I know how our buddy loves to run and have fun.
    Besides, it is a very flexible product.

  8. I’m not sure if I want to give an electric shock to my dog. Maybe, I should read more feedbacks.

  9. At first, I thought that it sounded as something sadistic. However, the regulating panel seems to be a good idea.

  10. Considering buying a wireless fence but I cannot find out anywhere how long the batteries last

  11. How long do batteries last on one charge

  12. In general, it is a very convenient item. However, as for the hybrid setups, these are not for the picnics.

  13. Does it work when it rains?

    • Dear User,
      A high-quality product is always waterproof. Be attentive while choosing an item: a cheap product is likely to be of bad quality. It is better to pick a specific product and find all the information regarding the material, etc.

  14. The idea of wireless fences is clear. However, are these fences safe for a dog?

    • Dear User,
      Of course, the developers take into account the safety issue.
      At first, the dogs will experience some low level of electric shock which is not that painful. Nonetheless, your pet would learn to react to tone later on, when you remove the electric shock from the equation.
      There are different correction levels as well if you feel the need to decrease the voltage.

      Read carefully different wireless dog fences reviews to pick the right one for your pet.

  15. My sister uses one at her house, it is apparently effective but her dogs are tiny and one of em at least is not very bright. The other one is too old to have much wanderlust.

  16. Oh, it’s a fantastic product! I bought a wireless fence several months ago, despite hesitations regarding safety, etc. However, I have no regrets – it is a good thing.

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