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The times when pets were considered purely as human servants have melted away. Nowadays, our pets are our four-legged friends, partners, therapists, our way of escaping depression, and our defenders. People tend to treat their pooches and kitties with love and respect, trying to make their life safe and comfortable. No surprise that the global pet supplies market is sensitive to the general trends; as a result, the assortment of pet products is growing at an exponential rate. Our mission is to help you find the right products in this horizonless ocean of supplies without getting lost. On Pet Shop24, you’ll find unbiased reviews based on a deep market analysis, professional tips and recommendations, and tons of useful information regarding all spheres of life of companion animals.

Why is it Important to Choose Healthy Pet Products?

The health and well-being of our fluffy fiends depend on several variables. The most important of them are nutrition, activity level, and living conditions. Unlike their ancestors, modern cats and dogs don’t fend for themselves. They have no choice what to eat, where to live, and how much to walk. They entirely depend on us. Poor food quality, lack of hydration, insufficient activity level are the key reasons causing health problems in pets. That is why it is crucial to choose healthy pet products that are developed in a compliance with their actual needs.

We regularly analyze the market of pet supplies, read reviews of real consumers, search relevant expert opinions and compile independent rankings of top products for pets’ well-being. For example, on the pages of our site, you’ll find reviews of the following popular categories of goods:

We don’t promote any particular brands. Our reviews don’t contain advertisement – we leave it to pets shop companies to advertise their products. All our top picks and recommended brands are approved by vets and meet the basic safety requirements. When writing our reviews we try to be as unbiased and independent as possible and pick out really ideal pet products that are loved by pets, enthusiastically met by their owners and approved by specialists.

The pet supplies online market is much broader than just health & care category. There are a lot of goods created to provide the maximum comfort to both animals and their owners. Thus, popular groups of products offered by online pet supplies include the following ones:

  • Training and control
  • Transportation and comfort of living 
  • Clothes
  • Entertainments
  • Specialty pet products

Almost any pet shop nowadays offers a wide assortment of these goods. But how can you know whether this or that product is really so great or it is just the one that the retailer wants to get rid of? We help you to find ideal pet products at an ideal price. Read our reviews before making a purchase and come to a pet shop well-informed.

Pet Supplies

Buy Pet Supplies Online Cheaper with Us

When reviewing online pet supplies, we analyze not only their features and characteristics, but their price as well. Our purpose is to find the best price/quality ratio and make a list of good value pet supplies of decent quality. Though we don’t advertise any particular pets shop, we can give a tip where to find discount pet supplies. No matter whether you are looking for pet grooming supplies or specialty pet products – we know where and how to buy them on the most favorable terms. We’ll be happy to share this information with you for free.

How We Test the Supplies and Write Reviews

To write a good professional review one needs to make a serious preparatory work. Our team consists of enthusiastic pet lovers with a vast real-life experience of using various accessories for our four-legged friends. We understand what pets like and what they really crave for. Also, we know perfectly well what items and pet grooming supplies add convenience and comfort to pet owners’ life, and which of them are unnecessary. But our practical experience is not the only thing we rely on when writing reviews.

  • First and foremost, we examine all the specifications of the chosen product or category of products. We collect information from the official sites of the major manufacturers or official distributors working in this sphere.
  • We always try to find a real pets shop that sells the goods of this category and have a brief interview with the shop’s managers in order to find out what brands and most popular and why, which of them are frequently returned and replaced on a warranty, and so on. Anyway, a person working at a pet shop usually can tell about many pitfalls that are hidden from the eyes of regular consumers.
  • We read and analyze customer reviews. Sometimes, we have to read several hundreds of opinions before making a final verdict. Sometimes, it happens that much-hyped goods are not worthy of their money, while new and unknown brand turn out to be rather competitive.

Finally, we try to test the reviewed products every time when it is possible in real conditions. And the last thing we’d like to put an emphasis on – specialists of Pets Shop24 never write paid reviews at the order of suppliers and manufacturers. We provide honest and independent information about pet supplies, help to find discount pet supplies online, and give useful tips to everyone who has a four-legged friend to care about.

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