Top-5 Dog Monitor Cameras 2019 Rating

There are lots of devices that we can call a dog camera. In this particular review, we will focus on video surveillance equipment developed specifically for pet supervision or playing with your favorite four-legged companion. Choosing the best pet camera can be challenging. The oversaturation of the market leads to overcomplicated shopping. Nevertheless, with some good advice and optimal options already selected for you to choose from, picking an efficient dog monitor won’t be a struggle.

Outstanding top performers, efficient economy class solutions and complex multidimensional builds for perfect pet care — read about them all.

Best Overall: Nest Cam Security Camera (Block of 3)

Best Overall
Nest Cam Security Camera
Nest Cam Security Camera
3-Pieces Camera Set with a Pleasant Price Tag
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Designed with convenience and effectiveness in mind, this pair of digital eyes will undeniably improve overall awareness/security. Due to its double device setup coupled with high definition recording, this dog camera certainly works well in most environments allowing for much larger surveillance area compared to other products available in online stores.

The price tag also helps this product move up in our ratings. Apparent advantages as well as compactness put it significantly above all competitors. This pet cam easily outperforms the vast majority of similar products showcased by manufacturers.

Mount a dog camera on walls, tabletops, and other flat surfaces. Connect a dog cam to a smartphone and establish a safe environment for pets. Due to having two cameras in a single setup, you will be able to survey multiple rooms at once. Apparent problems are weight/size. These are relatively large pet cameras.

Why Is It the Best? Nest offers a wide variety of interesting surveillance and security equipment for homes and offices. Their fine-tuned systems are in demand in various areas. They manufacture industrial grade smoke detectors and thermostats as well as HD cameras. Such expertise allowed them to create an outstanding dog monitor that has enough flexibility and reliability to just top the rankings considering its affordable price.

Key Features:

  • 3-piece set with a large surveillance coverage area;
  • 3-meter-long cord;
  • Works with PC/MAC;
  • Has a wireless interface;
  • Featured at Amazon

Runner Up: Zmodo EZCam Pro 4-Pack

Runner Up
Zmodo EZCam Pro 4-Pack
Zmodo EZCam Pro 4-Pack
Set of 4 Full-HD Cameras with Sound Speakers
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Lagging just a couple of good features behind our winner, the set of 4 surveillance pet cams from Zmodo is exactly what you need for setting up a complex home watching system. Exceptionally usable for homeowners with kids and/or animals to watch after, this dog cam has all necessary qualities to be amongst top options, but it has several downsides. Not technically savvy users may encounter difficulties when installing all pieces coming with this dog cam.

Certainly, having night vision or two-way audio is fancy. Unsurprisingly, the kit lacking simplicity is quite inconvenient for users who just want a PnP device on their hands. Such complexity also means that there is not enough mobility. For example, our winner has a magnetic base for both its “digital eyes” which is great for quick relocation.

Anyway, the price is not one that a wallet would be totally devastated by. Pro 4-Pack is a relatively cheap option that has a plethora of interesting features and additional functions. However, lacking in terms of customer-friendly solutions does not make this particular pet monitor as good as it could be.

Is It Good? EZCam Pro is not the best camera to watch a dog. Nevertheless, its low cost makes it a great overall choice when looking for something multidimensional yet efficient. Do you need a pack of 4 digital eyes in your household? Less is often better.

Key Features:

  • 4 cameras all equipped sound speakers;
  • Each dog cam has large view area;
  • Works with PC/MAC;
  • Controlled by a smartphone;
  • Has night vision sensors.
  • Comes with full HD resolution.

Best Budget Choice: YI Dome Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless IP Indoor Security Surveillance System

Best Budget Choice
YI Dome Camera Wireless IP Indoor Security Surveillance System
YI Dome Camera Wireless IP Indoor Security Surveillance System
Really Affordable Dog Tracking Camera with Lots of Useful Features
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Amongst cheapest pet cams featured all across the market, Yi’s product is a great way to improve the overall security in any household and watch after our most beloved pets. While other dog cameras come in packs of 2 or 4, Yi Dome focuses on providing maximum efficiency with a single one. It does not have too many functions, but it is easy to set up. It is able to provide you a simple yet effective method of watching over your house.

Simply control the visible area by tilting, spanning or zooming. Such flexibility allows for better supervision and helps to look into specific corners. Just zoom in if you think your adorable “doggo” ate something wrong or decided to tear apart yet another part of the furniture. Additional controls always improve dog monitor’s usability, but it is the price that makes this product seem like a deal of a lifetime.

A piece of gear priced democratically is never a bad thing for market. When feeling short on money, getting most out of a thin budget is exactly what you need.

Is It Worth the Money? Yi Dome Camera has a much wider set of characteristics than many premium builds. Its frame is not very robust and longevity is not guaranteed, but numerous cool features alongside expanded functionality make it a great all-around deal.

Key Features:

  • A simple doggie cam with an expanded functionality;
  • Panning, tilting, and zooming options;
  • Motion tracking sensors;
  • 720p video resolution.

Best Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser: Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

Best Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser
Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser
Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser
Pet Surveillance Camera with Snack Dispenser and Sound Speakers
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If you need a multifunctional camera for dogs at home, there is no need to look further. A dog monitor equipment that has a special treat dispenser? This sounds too good for the price but this is exactly what you get for pretty much reasonable money. A doggie cam may be mounted on vertical walls. It has a special attachment spewing out a treat when a button is pushed on a master smartphone.

Petcube produced a truly working dog camera solution. Amongst other simpler pet cameras, this one stands out due to its relatively low price, slick design, and additional functionality. If you are often far away and want to take care of dogs or even train them, having a device dishing out treats whenever it is needed is quite useful.

Should You Get It? A remote feeder/doggie cam does not put noticeable pressure on your wallet and gives you an opportunity to purchase a proper home pet camera that also helps you train dogs or give them a small snack if you are away.

Key Features:

  • A simplified one-piece doggie cam;
  • Food dispenser works with various snacks;
  • Two-way audio with loud speakers;
  • Operated remotely with a smartphone.

Best Dog Camera Ball: Wansview Wireless 1080P IP Camera

Best Dog Camera Ball
Wansview Wireless 1080P IP Camera
Wansview Wireless 1080P IP Camera
Dog Camera Ball with Remote Smartphone Control
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This simple camera receives commands remotely. It is a great choice for surveillance setups  capable of looking over a single room. An expanded surveillance area coupled with high quality video and sound is what makes this dog camera an impressive solution amongst all ball-shaped gears.

The pricing policy is another reason to take a closer look at it. Simplicity and robustness of the shell make it a sound choice for any household.

Is It Good? When seeking for an appropriate surveillance solution that can be remotely operated with a dog cam app on your mobile phone, this item from Wansview is a perfect choice. It may not be the best pet camera out there, but it has numerous redeeming qualities.

Key Features:

  • Two-way audio communication;
  • Night vision sensors;
  • Panning/tilting;
  • A stable Wi-Fi interface.

Why Should You Buy a Dog Monitor?

Dog Surveillance Camera Dog cameras became popular due to a variety of reasons. Number one/only: we live in a world that is in a constant hurry. It is simply impossible to take care of your household and pets all the time. Technology always brings something new to the table and helps ease our lives in various ways including pet ownership or taking care of your beloved little friends while you are away.

Dog cameras allow users to watch over their dogs continually feeding them if necessary which is a great idea for those who not only work full-time but also travel a lot and have to leave their beloved four-legged companions at home. Poor animals feel abandoned and often may mess something up just because they are bored meaning that you need either your friends/relatives looking after them regularly checking whether everything is okay or purchase one or several multifunctional dog cameras.

These are cheap yet resultative methods solving a problem. If you cannot dedicate enough time or attention for your animal because there is just not enough free time, get a simple pet video camera to avoid problems.

Important Features to Consider

Treat Monitor Dog CameraThe usability and efficiency of each separate device you purchase depends on a score of different factors. Everyone should always search for a solution solving a particular complex problem. There are several important aspects we must take into consideration when choosing pet monitor cameras:

  • Where it can be mounted. Some devices can be attached to vertical surfaces while others only stand on flat horizontal surfaces. Some have suction cups while others have magnetic bases. This determines limitations to how or where you may set up video surveillance points.
  • Number of cameras in the package. In typical households, a sole dog camera is more than enough. Nonetheless, there are homes with multiple rooms meaning that a single dog monitor is not enough. The amount of dog cameras obviously affects final costs.
  • Additional details. Pet monitoring cameras come in all shapes and colors. Occasionally, they have useful additional functions like food containers. A versatile dog monitor is not the one with an outstanding video resolution but one that solves your particular problems.
  • Speakers or no speakers? An efficient dog cam usually gives us a communication channel with pets at home. Make it feel loved even when it is left completely alone at home. The anxiety dogs experience when their owner is away is quite severe and may cause emotional distress in specific scenarios. Interestingly, some dogs easily withstand the loneliness, but not all.
  • The price. Spending as little as possible while getting as much as possible should be a mantra in any aspect of life. When it comes to a dog cam, choosing a simple dog cam that costs 30-40 dollars is an idea deserving praise. Spending more on multiple cameras and add-ons such as treat dispenser attached to a dog cam must be justified since it creates additional burden on the budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dog Cameras Make My Pet Less Noisy?
When a pet is abandoned at home and feels alone, it experiences anxiety expressing its emotional state in a way that will disturb your neighbors. Constant barking coming out of your house can be quite annoying for people living nearby. A dog camera with two-way sound is a good idea in such cases as it makes your barking friend less anxious when you can calm it down by your voice.
Can I Use My Own Treats with a Feeder?
This is a question bothering many pet owners. Most dog cameras with specialized treat dispensers work with any snack type as long as the size of a single snack piece is less than a hole in a dispenser. You can use any solid food or specialized treats. Nutrition defines healthiness. Chaotic feeding routines alongside mediocre quality food will inevitably cripple the wellbeing of an otherwise healthy animal. Feed it properly.
Should I Use My Dog Monitor without a PC?
The vast majority of cameras will need a connection with a personal computer or MAC. However, you may find specific solutions with direct connection to a Wi-Fi router that will feed the information to the cloud storage. Personal computers significantly improve the comfort of using any technologically advanced gear.
Is It Possible to Watch The Video Feed from Anywhere?
Yes, as long as you have a stable internet connection. There are specialized applications that will help you supervise your pet from anywhere in the world. However, you may need a specific app developed by the manufacturing company in order to control the dog monitor remotely. Contemporary ideas brought by the phenomenon of the IoT demand modern products to be more sophisticated. Operating fridges, TVs, microwaves or even toasters over a long distance cannot be called a novelty.
Is There an Option to Use Multiple Devices?
The overwhelming majority of manufacturers will give you an opportunity to use either your computer or tablet to view the video feed. Occasionally, using several different phones/tablets at once is also possible. A sharing option is not a completely alien thing for the industry in general.
  1. Our dog is a member of our family and we, naturally, miss him a lot when we are away. So, webcam for a dog is a helpful thing in our case.

  2. My dog is on a special diet, so, I always have to regulate his regime. Petcube with Treat Dispenser is my choice.

  3. We bought that camera for our daughter who went for summer to her granny in Italy. She really missed her doggy, and I simply couldn’t say ‘no,’ although I also thought that it was a wasted expenditure. However, it is so nice that this simple thing can make your child smile.

  4. This dog monitoring system helps me check whether everything is ok with my dog who’s ill at the moment. So, I guess, it is a worthy thing if you care about your pet.

  5. I often go on business and miss my dog. Out of dozens of devices, I chose Nest Cam Security due to its affordability and Mac compatibility.

  6. Oh, thank you for the detailed and comprehensive review. When I google Amazon dog camera, there are so many items that I simply don’t know what to pick. Now, it would be easier to decide!

  7. I’m a video blogger and often post some videos about my dog who is a total mess!
    All the husky owners would understand me))))
    I use Petcube because of its functionality

  8. Can I watch my dog via the smartphone?

  9. Believe it or not, I had to buy a Wansview camera to find out who makes all the mess at home: my twin kids or our hyperactive dog.

  10. My apartment is not that big, and Nest Cam Security is the best camera to watch my dog. It covers, literally, entire studio.

  11. Do these feeders come together with special food? Or I can use my pet’s food?

    • Dear User,
      As long as the snack is of the proper size, you can use it for sure. The majority of such products work well with any snack types, however, there may be some requirements characteristic of the particular camera with a feeder. So, make sure to find this out when buying a specific item.

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